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The life of DAF Daniele Afferni is one of art and comics.

After graduating from the “Scuola Superiore di Arti Applicate del Castello Sforzesco di Milano” art institute, he applied his visual skills in both the adv market – working for the renowned Armando Testa agency – and fine arts. Afferni’s early oil paintings and illustrations already feature weird creatures framed in boldly unreal perspectives.

During these years he has also worked as storyboard artist for important directors such as Gabriele Salvatores, Wim Wenders, Nicolas Roeg.

In the early 2000s, Afferni founded ASC studios – still active as top-class suppliers of pre-production visuals and concept art.

Meanwhile, Afferni’s fine art feats led to exhibitions in London, Berlin, Milan and New York.

Afferni is an old-time comics lover, especially the superheroes ones with whom he literally grew up with since childhood, so - when he met the Avalanche storymakers collective in 2015 – he started producing his own sequential pages shortly after. Among others, “Batman Nero” – an experimental take on Batman – and “Exhumation” – a gothic one-shot published on Aces Weekly, the comic magazine founded and edited by David Lloyd.

Afferni’s style – suggestive, energetic and oh-so-westerly – grabbed the attention of the Japanese game design studio Bushiroad in 2016, as they hired him to illustrate the official Dragoborne tie-in comic.

In the following years he was published by Heavy Metal Magazine USA ( Heavy Metal's Megadeth Death By Design , Bronze Medal Comic Art category at A.I. Annual 2020), by David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly again, and by various USA card game publishers ( FFG X-Men Mutant Insurrection and Guild House Games' Varia ).

He also took part as Concept Designer at “Dreadful Bond” , an independent horror game supported by the famous horror director Dario Argento.

In recent times, he’s working on an ongoing basis for the digital publisher, INTERPOP COMICS, featuring as comic and cover artist.

Daniele Afferni is currently working professionally in both movie productions and comics, and he is recently hired as Head of Visual Development in a big international cinematographic production (the film is still in pre-production “confidential” mode).

Moreover, he’s teaching Anatomy and Perspective at the prestigious Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Milan.


Daniele Afferni - ICONS by Avalanche
Highlight by “Interni” Magazine  april 15, 2018
Creature, Supereroi e Scenari Apocalittici “OK Arte” - april 13, 2018 by Ugo Perugini
Daniele Afferni in mostra a Milano: viaggio a cavallo tra arte e comics “FantasyMagazine” april 13, 2018 by Walter Ferri
Un ponte dai fumetti all’arte: Daniele Afferni “Il Mirino” | april 14, 2018 by Ugo Perugini
Creature, Supereroi e Scenari Apocalittici “Il Mirino” | april 14, 2018 by Ugo Perugini
Daniele Afferni – ICONS: a milano un’imperdibile mostra di arte e fumetto “JustNerd” april 12, 2018 by Salvatore Miccoli
Daniele Afferni all’ArtStudio 38 “Eventi Milanesi” april 8, 2018 by Fabio Ricci
Daniele Afferni at Animation Insider By Laura and Mike Milo – May 2015
Le Creature di Daniele Afferni By Andrea Tata and Womade – Nov 2012
Milano, Daniele Afferni e la libertà in un urlo. An interview with Rossella Di Marco – Sept 2011

Personal and Collective Exhibitions

2018  Daniele Afferni Icons – Art Studio 38 / Milan
2013  Creative Rising – See Me / New York
2013 Affordable Art Exhibition | Relaunch – Vibe Gallery / London
2012  Shades of Italy – Vibe Gallery / London
2012  Womade#4 - Milan
2012  Flussi Contemporanei – ZonaK Italia Arte / Milan
2011 Creature – Personal Exhibition at Frida / Milan
2011  Daniele Afferni. Personale. – Personal Exhibition at Galleria ARTING159 / Milan
2011  Bagl Springtime: eine Kunst-Auktion – B.A.G.L. / Berlin
2011  Secoli d’Arte – Aula Magna Istituto Secoli / Milan
2011  Kunst Berlinallee 2011 – Marzia Frozen Contemporary Art / Berlin
2011  Underground – Galleria Vista Arte e Comunicazione / Rome
2010  Fucking Kunst – Marzia Frozen Contemporary Art / Berlin


Daniele DAF Afferni in his studio


Daniele Afferni at F*****g Kunst collective exhibition - Berlin


ICONS - personal exhibition (poster)


A tribute to Jack Kirby, Moebius and Philippe Druillet.
“I learned a lot from their incredible visions”.

(Watercolor on paper)